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Upcoming Events

Stated dinner meetings in 2019:

Saturday, 14 September, 1:00 (walk-though), 1:00-1:30 (candidate registration), 2:00 (degrees), 5:00 (dinner), annual conferral of the degrees of Knight Masonry. At the Jefferson Park Masonic Temple, located at 5418 West Gale Street, Chicago, Dinner follows at the neighbouring Gale Street Inn. Cousins only.

After the degrees, we will repair to the Gale Street Inn for dinner, where we will order off of the menu for $30.00. Drinks are at the diner's expense. Reservations are strictly required and must be made on or before June 10. Click here to email the scribe. Also, if you make a reservation and do not cancel it by June 27th, you will be responsible for the dinner charge.

Dress is dark suit, white shirt, tie (preferably green, red, or the KM design). We will dine in a public place as Freemasons. Our external presentation should reflect the dignity of the institution. Properly dressed gentlemen in good order make a more powerful statement for the Craft than all the billboards and advertisements in the world. Slovenly dress and boorish behaviour have an equally powerful effect.

RSVP to our Scribe at:

WILMETTE IL  60091-2411

Degree Work:

Our 2019 conferral of degrees will be conducted on Saturday, 14 September, at Jefferson Park Masonic Temple, located at 5418 West Gale Street, in Chicago.

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