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Upcoming Events

Stated meetings in 2021:

Saturday, October 2, 2021, at a time to be determined. – Annual Degree Conferral and Quadragennial Celebration.

This is our annual degree conferral meeting, for the new candidates we elected in June. We are planning to actually meet and confer degrees. Obviously if the medical situation is still negative then we won't. The degrees will be presented at Jefferson Park Masonic Temple, located at 5418 West Gale Street, in Chicago.

We intend to plan a rather nicer, and more gala after-proceeding and dinner, to celebrate the council's quadragenary (delayed a year by the pandemic). The location of the celebration remains TBA.

Dinner reservations are strictly required. RSVP to our Scribe at:

WILMETTE IL  60091-2411

You do not need to tell Terry if you are not coming.

More to follow.

Cousins only.

Thursday, December 8, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. Quarterly tionól (dinner).

By Grand Council law, we must have our annual meeting in December. Given the conflicts with family, fraternal, and business life, we have generally played this meeting down. Location TBD. Cousins only.

Degree Work:

Our annual conferral of the degrees of Knight Masonry are tentatively scheduled to be conducted on Saturday, October 2, at Jefferson Park Masonic Temple, located at 5418 West Gale Street, in Chicago (assuming any new candidates are elected in June).

Our degree work has improved steadily over the last years; we have degree team leaders in place. They will be filling out their casts.

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