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Upcoming Events

Stated dinner meetings in 2019:

Friday evening, 21 June, 6:00 (gather), 7:00 (dine), annual donnybrook, at Cousin Mike Marr's own Buffalo Creek Brewing, located at 360 Historical Lane, in Long Grove. Dinner, toasts, meeting, and election of candidates to receive the degrees in September. Cousins only.

Details will be posted when published. All of this as well as an evening of relaxation in the bosom of cousinly regard will be available for $35.00. Reservations are strictly required and must be made on or before June 24. Also, if you make a reservation and do not cancel it by June 27th, you will be responsible for the dinner charge.

Dress is business casual. Let's remember that we are in a public place and in the business home of our Brother and Cousin. Properly dressed gentlemen in good order make a more powerful statement for the Craft than all the billboards and advertisements in the world. Slovenly dress and boorish behaviour have an equally powerful effect.

The program will consist of the usual toasts as well as a short presentation suitable to the evening.

Get your nominations for this fall's candidates in to the Scribe in order that we may vote on them at our next meeting and confer the degrees upon them in September. This form must be completed and submitted to me by email, on or before June 17. This will allow time to circularize any suggestions to the Cousins. We will not receive any suggestions at the event. You must be present to vote but you may submit objections to the Scribe prior to the evening, by telephone, email or whatever other form you find convenient.

Saturday, 14 September, at the Jefferson Park Masonic Temple, located at 5418 West Gale Street, in Chicago: conferral of the degrees, followed by a festive meal. Cousins only.

Thursday evening 19 December, 6:00 (gather), 7:00 (dine), at a location to be announced: Annual meeting, dinner, toasts, meeting, election, and installation of officers. Cousins only.

Degree Work:

Our 2019 conferral of degrees will be conducted on Saturday, 14 September, at Jefferson Park Masonic Temple, located at 5418 West Gale Street, in Chicago.

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