Symbolic (a/k/a “Ancient Craft” or “Blue Lodge”) Freemasonry




Grand Lodge, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons, of Illinois


Illinois Masonic Children’s Homes in LaGrange & Murphysboro


Illinois Child Identification Programme (fingerprinting, photography, DNA, etc.)


Illinois Masonic Student Assistance Programme (to prevent drug & alcohol abuse by children)


Illinois Masonic Academic Bowl (high school tournament)


Illinois Masonic “Coins for Children” programme


Illinois Masonic Outreach Services


Eureka Challenge (a Masonic education programme of the Grand Lodge of Illinois)


Society of King Solomon (recognition for extraordinary support of Illinois Grand Lodge charities)


get Illinois Master Mason registration plates for your car or truck


Illinois Masonic Brotherhood Trust (life insurance at discounted group rates)


Illinois Freemasonry magazine


find an Illinois lodge of Freemasons near you

National Masonic Foundation for Children (anti-substance abuse)

Masonic Service Association of North America

Masonic Renewal Committee of North America

Masonic papers, articles, research tools, essays, lectures, inter alia