Databases of On-Line Papers, Essays, Articles, and Lectures, and Similar Material Regarding Freemasonry

Allied Masonic Degrees history

American-Canadian Grand Lodge of Germany’s reflections of R.W. Bro. Dr. Hugo Thomas

American Mason online magazine

Anti-Masonry Points of View

Ask a Freemason - presented by the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts

Bessel, Paul’s database of Masonic articles and essays

The Builder Magazine (1915-1930) database of articles

California Freemason Magazine database of articles

Centre for Research into Freemasonry’s database of papers, University of Sheffield

Cyndi’s List of Fraternal Organisations

Cornerstone Society’s database of articles and recommended reading lists

Freemason, The, database of articles and essays

Freemason Information

Freemasonry in Israel’s database of essays and articles

Freemasonry Today Magazine’ database of special features

Frontier Army Lodge of Masonic Research No. 1875’s articles on Eighteenth Century U.S. Freemasonry

Grand Chapter of Alberta’s database of essays and papers

Grand Chapter of California’s database of essays [scroll down on those improperly bookmarked]

Grand Chapter of Canada (Ontario)’s information on architecture and geometry

Grand Chapter of Illinois’ database of Masonic poetry

Grand Chapter of New South Wales & Australia Capital Territory’s database of lectures and essays

Grand Chapter of Nova Scotia’s Grand Historian’s lectures

Grand Chapter of Queensland’s database of lectures; see also the other options under the “education” menu

Grand Chapter of Texas’ York Rite Education Centre

Grand College of Rites’ Collectanea index of published degree rites

Grand Lodge of British Columbia & Yukon’s database of essays and papers

Grand Lodge of Canada in Ontario’s educational material, featuring Masonic Nights at the Round Table

Grand Lodge of Hawai‘i’s database of articles

Grand Lodge of India’s database of essays and articles

Grand Lodge of Indiana’s anti-defamation articles

Grand Lodge of Indiana’s directory of research sites

Grand Lodge of Iowa’s reading lists

Grand Lodge of Maine’s Masonic Text Book (the “Blue Book”)

Grand Lodge of New Brunswick’s database of educational material; also click their “online books” on the left

Grand Lodge of Ohio’s LEO Library of Education Programmes

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania’s Education Committee’s database of Masonic education materials

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania’s Masonic video presentations

Grand Lodge of Scotland’s articles on German Freemasonry’s annihilation under the National Socialist regime

Grand Lodge of South Carolina’s database of essays and educational articles

Grand Lodge of Texas’ audio presentations on Freemasonry

Grand Lodge of Texas’ 2008 Masonic education programmes and archived from 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, or 2002

Grand Lodge of Vermont’s database of articles & an online book regarding Vermont Masonic history

Grand Lodge of Washington (PHA)’s Masonic Digest database of essays and articles

Grand Lodge of Wisconsin’s Masonic Handbook (the “green book”)

Grand Lodge of Wisconsin’s “Freemasonry and the Fabric of America” video presentation

Hiram’s Oasis & Kena Computer Club’s database of >4,000 Masonic files online

Internet Sacred Text Archive’s database of Masonic, religious and philosophical books, papers, art, inter alia

Kena Shriners’ “Hiram’s Oasis” database of papers, imagery, stories, speeches, articles, inter alia

Louisiana Freemason Magazine database of articles

Louisiana Lodge of Research’s database of papers, articles and essays

Mackey’s Encyclopaedia & database of other Masonic research books

Masonic Dictionary

Masonic Forum of Light web forums

Masonic Poets Society database of poetry

Masonic Quarterly Magazine database of articles

Masonic Renewal Committee of North America’s catalogue of leadership and membership guides

Masonic Restoration Foundation’s database of articles

Masonic Service Association’s catalogue of publications

Masonic Sites’ database of trivia, poetry, prayers, music, quotes, etiquette, early manuscripts, and special interest items

Masonic World’s databases of educational articles, imagery, and newsletters

Masons.Start4All web portal

Mill Valley Lodge No. 356’s Survey of Secret Societies – history of fraternities & their impact in Marin County, California

Next Great Mason video presentation from the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island & Providence Plantation

Northern California Research Lodge’s database of papers

Oft Unseen Art From the Lodge and Other Secret Society online museum exhibit

Pennsylvania Freemason Magazine database of articles

PhoenixMasonry database of essays and online museum

Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry’s database of articles and papers

Rosslyn Templars’ database on Rosslyn Chapel, Scottish Freemasonry & Knights Templar

Royal Arch Educational Minutes capitular glossary from the Grand Chapter of New York

Saint Thomas of Acon, Order of, history thereof

Scottish Rite Journal database of articles

Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction’s database of essays and lectures

Sri Brahadeeswara Lodge Research Circle’s Masonicpaedia database of articles and lectures

Southern California Research Lodge’s database of papers

Thomas Smith Webb Chapter of Research No. 1798’s database of transactions and papers

Templar History Magazine’s database of articles

Texas York Rite education articles and general York Rite information

Torrione Lodge of Research’s database of lectures

University of Bradford’s Web of Hiram database of Masonic material

video presentations about Freemasonry and the York Rite

West Suburban Shrine Club’s pages on Shriner history – be sure to click the history menu tab on top for more

X-Oriente’s archive of podcasts

York Rite web portal’s database of papers and essays