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Officers of Illinois York Rite College No. 15

For 2016-2017


Preeminent Governor

Edward C. Steffy

Eminent Deputy Governor

Donald J. Cowart

Eminent Chancellor

D. Scott Dayton

Eminent Treasurer

Marvin L. Selock, OPC

Eminent Secretary

Lee Bradley

Noble Primate

Brandon Zears

Noble Preceptor

Patrick B. Jones


William "Bill" Wojtas

Noble Marshal

Guide Sobecki





Symbolic Degrees

Bill Wojtas

Capitular Degrees

Alan M. Hubble

Cryptic Degrees

Russell L. Schlosser, OPC

Chivalric Orders

William E. Jegen

Director (2d §)

Richard Carnall

Assistant Directors (§§1,3)

Gerald D. Carlton
William E. Carlton

Grand Master Hiram & the Word

Frank H. Welter, Sr., OPC, PPG


Paul A. Scheeler

Finance Committee

Marvin L. Selock, OPC, PPG
Frank H. Welter, Sr., OPC, PPG
Daryl W. Selock, OPC, PPG

Audit Committee

Ronald E. Ericksen, OPC, PPG
John Jorgensen, OPC, PPG
Brian Robson


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